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UNESCO Chair on Green Innovation and Circular Economy

Who We Are

UNESCO Chair on Green innovation and Circular Economy

The UNESCO Chair on Green Innovation and Circular Economy constitutes an evolution of the Environmental Economics and Sustainability Research Unit (ESU) of National Technical University of Athens. The Chair deals with research, training and knowledge dissemination related to green innovation and circular economy with a specific focus on their application in business planning and how this can contribute to a more sustainable development of the economy. It places special emphasis on applied research on environmental issues and how through business planning, applicable solutions can emerge that will contribute to sustainable economic development

Our Vision and Mission

The Chair’s vision focuses on a future-oriented society, driven by sustainability, circular economy and green innovation.

The Chair’s mission is to promote an integrated system of research, education and documentation in its subject, but also to participate in international actions, such as research, conferences and programmes.

Chair's activities

Undergraduate Classes

Classes taught at the School of Mechanical Engineering of the National Technical University of Athens.

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Postgraduate Classes

Classes taught in the Inter-Institutional Interdepartmental Graduate Programme in Business Administration – Athens MBA, co-organized by the National Technical University of Athens and the Athens University of Economics and Business.

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Training Programmes

Specialized training programs, such as life-long learning programmes, with to focus on both theory and application.

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Applied Research – Studies

Applied research is an essential tool for the effective transition to a circular economy and for environmental protection, apart from policy making and legislation.

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Research Programmes Partnerships

Partnerships increase the lease of knowledge, expertise and resources available, leading better results.

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Consulting Services

Private and public bodies consultation on a wide range of environmental and techno-economic issues.

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National and International conferences with the aim of disseminating research results and highlighting good practices.

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Greentech Challenge by ESU NTUA

Greece’s leading national innovation programme on entrepreneurship and green innovation.

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Creating the conditions where a group of people can meet to discuss, brainstorm ideas, identify problems and develop solutions.

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Research Scope

The Chair covers a wide range of knowledge, mainly around environmental issues. This range can be categorized into four main categories

Circular Economy

The transformation to a circular economy is now a one-way street, according to the European Union

Green Innovation

For a successful transition to a sustainable development model, innovation is essential, as stated in the European Circular Economy Action Plan

Techno-economic Evaluation

Economic, social, environmental and technological criteria are always to be taken into consideration

Environmental Planning

Environmental planning needs to take into account all the variables and factors from the natural or man-made environment

Our Impact towards Innovation

Our goal is to unleash the entrepreneurial potential within our academic community, transforming applied research into tangible solutions. By providing the necessary support and resources, we empower talented individuals to create spinouts that address directly environmental challenges. Through collaboration, innovation, and a shared vision for a greener future, we aim to drive positive change and make a lasting impact. Our two spinouts Mantis Beyond Innovation and Someyea are here to prove that. 

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