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Publications in Scientific Journals

The Chair’s scientific team has proceeded to several publications in scientific journals. Some selected publications are listed below, indicatively.

Publications in international peer-reviewed scientific journals

  • Strantzali E., Livanos G., Aravossis K., “A Comprehensive Multicriteria Evaluation Approach for Alternative Marine Fuels”, Energies, MDPI, 2023.
  • Kyriakopoulos G., Aravossis K., “Literature Review of Hydrogen Energy Systems and Renewable Energy Sources”, Energies, MDPI, 2023.
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  • Fountzoula C., Aravossis K., “Development of an e-tool to evaluate the effectiveness of the NSRF operational entrepreneurship programs-european government program evaluation (EUGOPEV)”, Academy of Entrepreneurship Journal, Vol. 27, 1-17, 2021. Available at https://www.proquest.com/openview/ee98ec59afcd483a7962a7dd6732386a/1?pq-origsite=gscholar&cbl=29726.
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Publications in greek scientific journals

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