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GAEA Challenge: Calling all Innovators to shape Europe’s Energy Future

Apply to Phase 2 of the “Green Alternatives for European Autonomy” (GAEA) Challenge and receive support to establish your startup with an innovative solution that addresses European Energy Autonomy.

Europe is embarking on an initiative to accelerate its green and digital transition. The Green Alternatives for European Autonomy (GAEA) Challenge has launched on Wednesday 20th of March, encompassing a series of regional and interregional innovation competitions across eight (8) countries: Greece, Serbia, Poland, Slovakia, Lithuania, Latvia, Hungary, and the Czech Republic.   

Why is the GAEA Challenge important?

In a world facing critical environmental challenges and the imperative of sustainable development, Europe aims to take a leading role. GAEA aims to generate and accelerate innovative solutions that can tackle contemporary challenges related to the European Green Deal and the aftermath implications of the Russia-Ukraine war. By creating respective innovation competitions in eight (8) countries, GAEA aims to enhance its span across Europe and enable the whole process from idea generation to startup creation.

The Initiative in Detail

The GAEA Challenge is an Open Innovation Program designed to engage students, innovators, idea holders, and researchers in a collaborative effort to generate and accelerate green solutions. Through regional and interregional innovation competitions, participants will have the opportunity to propose ideas that contribute to Europe’s green transition and enhance its autonomy in critical areas such as energy and raw materials.


  • Phase 1: Regional Innovation Competitions (March-June 2024)
  • Phase 2: Incubation & Interregional Innovation Competition (July-October 2024)
  • Phase 3: Acceleration & Startup Establishment (November 2024 – September 2025)

The Benefits of the Program

  • Startup services worth up to €30,000.
  • Be among the top 3 teams and get access to the winning reward of 3000€.
  • Digital certificate from a top European green innovation initiative.
  • Mentoring by experts to transform your idea into a viable product/service.
  • Networking with industry leaders, successful entrepreneurs, and leading organizations across Europe.
  • Access to bootcamp training and essential entrepreneurial resources.

Are you ready to light up Europe’s energy future?

Apply for Phase 2 until June 6th: gaeachallenge.eu

The Consortium organizing the program consists of leading organizations including the National Technical University of Athens, Mantis Beyond Innovation, EIT RawMaterials, PASEPPE and Sustainability InnoCenter, the GAEA Challenge, who seek to enhance innovation and entrepreneurship in response to the urgent environmental challenges and the pursuit of European autonomy.