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Training Programmes

The Chair proceeds with the preparation and conduct of specialized training programs, such as life-long learning programmes, taking advantage of the depth of its knowledge, as it has emerged from applied research The purpose is to focus on both theory and application, through appropriate case studies, while they may be addressed to natural persons (researchers, business executives, etc.) and/or to legal persons (private or public bodies, businesses etc.).

"Circular Economy, Green Innovation & Entrepreneurship" Program

The transition to a circular economy is now a reality, and in addition to decision-making at the governance level, small and large organizations and networks need to participate and support this effort for a smooth and economically competitive transition. An important tool recognized by the European Union through the European Green Deal is innovation, which acts as a catalyst in finding new technological solutions and practices required in the context of the transition.

The "Circular Economy, Green Innovation & Entrepreneurship" program aims to train participants in the implementation, management, and utilization of circular economy models at micro, meso, and macro levels, as well as in green innovation topics to find new green solutions to the challenges faced by businesses and organizations. For better understanding and familiarization of the participants, the Training Program includes the presentation of real case studies that have been implemented in Greece and America.

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