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Spinout companies are independent entities formed when an existing organization spawns a separate venture to commercialize a specific innovation or technology. They serve as a bridge between research and commercialization, ensuring cutting-edge developments find their way to the market. Spinouts enable entrepreneurs and researchers to transform their ideas into viable businesses, driving economic growth and job creation. These agile entities focus solely on their specialized technology or product, enabling quicker decision-making and adaptation to market needs. Moreover, spinouts often attract external funding, facilitating research and development, scaling operations, and accelerating commercialization. Their significance lies in promoting entrepreneurship, advancing innovation, and providing avenues for the efficient transfer of intellectual property.

Mantis Beyond Innovation

Mantis B.I. is a spinout company from the National Technical University of Athens, whose aim is the development and management of innovation for private and public entities, using open and corporate innovation models. The Mantis IMS (Innovation Management Software) digital platform for submitting, evaluating and monitoring start-ups and innovative projects, is Mantis’ main product. At the same time, as an Innovation Enabler, it has organized dozens of innovation programs with the aim of creating new technological products-companies while focusing on start-ups.

Mantis offers: 

  • Innovation programmes and actions
  • Innovation Management Software
  • Startup Scouting
  • Ecosystem Solutions
  • Innovation Strategy
  • Financial Evaluation, Consulting & Guidance Services
  • Study Services
  • Business Maturation – Incubation – Training


Solmeyea is a spinout company from the National Technical University of Athens, the aim of which is, through vertical algae cultivation, the production of carbon-neutral protein components of microalgae. In fact, it uses captured carbon dioxide from the atmosphere as a catalyst for the production process.
The company and its technology has been recognized by Europe with the “Seal of Excellence”
and is considered as one of the most promising investment companies in the “AgriBioTech”
sector, addressing two key issues:

  • Climate Change
  • Scarcity of Food and Proteins, due to overpopulation