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Environmental Economics and Sustainability Research Unit (ESU)

The Environmental Economics and Sustainability Research Unit (ESU) resides at the Industrial Management & Business
Research Department of the School of Mechanical Engineering of the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA).

The activities of the Environmental Economics and Sustainability Unit (ESU) are developed in a particularly broad scientific
spectrum around the fields of circular economy, green innovation and entrepreneurship, techno-economic evaluation of projects
and investments, as well as environmental planning.

The Unit supports a set of undergraduate and postgraduate courses related to these subjects. It offers the final-year students of
the School, support on writing their diploma theses. At the same time, graduates from the National University of Athens, and other
related Institutions of higher education, are given the opportunity to prepare doctoral theses.

The members of the Research Unit can provide:

Consulting Services for the Public & Private Sector

The members participate in studies and techno-economic evaluations in the entire scope of its object, with a vision of a practical contribution to environmental planning and management.

Participation in EU Funded Research Projects & Studies

The members enter into partnerships with private and public bodies, where, utilizing its rich expertise in its field of knowledge, provides, among other things, consulting services, studies or evaluations.

Organization and Management of Conferences and other Scientific meetings

With the aim of disseminating research results and highlighting good practices, the members organize national and international scientific conferences and workshops or actively participates as a partner.

The Units Research Team comes mainly from the Sector of Industrial Management of the Mechanical Engineers School of NTUA and has extensive – academic and professional – experience on the Units’ activities/thematic areas.

Coordinator and Head Researcher is Professor Konstantinos Aravossis.