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Participation of the Chairholder at the Bainstorm Energy Summit by Fortune Greece 

An interesting panel on Energy Technologies and Corporate Innovation took place at the Brainstorm Energy Summit by Fortune Greece.

The UNESCO Chairholder, Professor Konstantinos Aravossis, focused on the important role of innovation programs, such as the GreenTech Challenge, which is co-organized by the UNESCO Chair of the National Technical University of Athens. The sector of Circular Economy and Renewable Energy Sources was mentioned as an example, where Greek Universities and Research Centers are developing innovative technologies for recycling, reusing products, as well as storing and saving energy.

It is important that innovative solutions are being developed by spinout and spinoff startups from the Greek Universities in collaboration with market representatives, producing domestically exportable know-how and at the same time creating new quality jobs.


You can watch the relevant video (in greek) here.