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The student initiative “Green Skills: Shaping the future” was successfully completed

The student initiative “Green Skills: Shaping the future” was successfully completed on Tuesday, February 27, 2024, at the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA). The event was co-organized by student volunteers from envinow.gr and Mi.M.E.C., under the auspices and support of the UNESCO Chair on Green Innovation and Circular Economy at NTUA.

The event attended over 90 participants, surpassing the venue’s capacity, while more than 180 applications of participation were submitted from students of various backgrounds and institutions.

The aim of the event was to highlight green skills and the necessity for individuals with suitable expertise to lead the green transition. Through thematic speeches and discussions, as well as two parallel interactive workshops, young participants had the opportunity to learn about the requirements of the green transition and familiarize themselves with the necessary green tools. Discussions continued during breaks between thematic speeches and interactive workshops.

The Chairholder, Professor Konstantinos Aravossis, presented as a keynote speaker the European and national legislative framework and trends, leading to green skills. In fact, he mentioned that “In both the European Union and Greece, there is a rapidly growing demand for skills in green professions because of legislative requirements imposed on businesses for a swift green transition. Additionally, citizens and consumers are required to adapt their consumption behavior and eventually, their daily lives, to address the demands of tackling the climate crisis”.

You can read the full Press Release (in greek) here.