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“UNESCO Dialogues for the Environment” – The second episode focuses on Waste Management in Greece

An important environmental issue is being explored in the second broadcast of the “UNESCO Dialogues on the Environment”. Representatives from the state, the local government and scientific bodies discussed about Greece’s current situation concerning waste management, for which the country has been faced with fines from the E.U.

The topics included:

  • Waste landfill fees
  • Waste to Energy plants
  • The new National Recycling Plan
  • The “Polluter Pays” program and the new landfill taxes
  • Bio-waste exploitation programs
  • What problems do municipalities face and what are the solutions?
  • What is the new plan of the Hellenic Recycling Organization for the immediate future

You can watch the full broadcast at UNESCO DIALOGS – T-PRESS WEB ΤV (tpresswebtv.gr)